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Blissful Living

Open The Door To Your Successful, Blissful And Stressfree Life .
This Course Will Bring A Massive Transformation In Your Life From Stress To Happiness, Failure To Success And Boredom To Bliss.
Anand Pragya or Blissful Living is based on Eightfold path of Lord Buddha and solves most of the problems related to stress, relationship and boredom.
In this Course, you learn how to:

Eightfold path of Lord Buddha

These eight steps are just indicators, by and by, of how to come to that tremendous courage, that ultimate courage where you take the quantum leap and you simply disappear. When the self disappears, the Universal Self arises.

Right Paradigm

Take life as it is! Do not impose your projections and prejudices on it. Learn from each incident and learn the lesson.

Right Acceptance

Do your work whole heartedly and accept the result with gratitude. Always strive for achieving the target but don’t expect a favorable result always. Buddha has called it Tathata and Lord Krishna has called it Nishkam Karmyoga.

Right Expression

Always be happy and behave politely with others. Don’t be a hypocrite and be authentic. Try to be soft spoken, plain- dealer, courteous and urbane. First listen to others carefully and then express yourself politely.

Right Resolution

Become free from past and take positive decisions for future. Declare your resolution. Achieve it with a united effort.

Right Relationship

Before doing or saying anything ensures that your mind is at peace. Be passive when you are restless and active when you are at ease. Work with cooperation, respect and mutual trust. Keep your work place neat and clean.

Right Action

Identify your uniqueness and be proactive in your work. Take responsibility of your failures and give credit of success to existence. Blaming God, fate or others is politics.

Right Awakening

Awareness of our ego and the inner sky is the right awakening. Proving oneself right, supreme, and innocent, and proving others as wrong, inferior, and guilty are the characteristics of an egoist person. It causes an altercation. Embrace tolerance/forgiveness instead of revenge.

Right Meditation

To become aware of inner sky beyond all forms, thoughts and emotions is meditation.
All these eight steps are concerned with rightness – The word ‘right’ has to be understood first because the Sanskrit word SAMYAK IS SO meaningful, is so pregnant with meaning that it cannot be translated.

‘Right’ is a very poor translation for it for many reasons. But there is no better word in English than ‘right’, so you have to understand it. ‘Right’ in the Buddhist meaning of the term means: balanced, centered, grounded, harmonious, tranquil – all of these things.

Right is that which is not your invention. It is already there. If you go away from it you are wrong, if you come close to it you are right. The more close you are, the more right you are. One day, when you are exactly home, you are perfectly right.
– Lord Gautam Budha

Transformation !!
It Happens in the Presence of The Master

The knower lives in his mind. And the mind goes on pretending that is knows. And because the mind pretends that it knows, it demystifies existence. Knowledge is the most irreligious phenomenon there is in the world – because without the experience of the mysterious there is no possibility of change

You are caught up by the society, you are conditioned by the society. The society is your prison It does not allow you to move out of its boundaries. It gives you enough rope so that you can have a certain feeling of freedom, but you are not free.

The Master is a climate, an atmosphere, in which you suddenly become aware of your own potential. Not that the Master gives you something – there is no need! All that is needed has always been given to you by God. But in the presence of the Master, some chord in your heart starts responding, as if somebody is playing music and the very hearing of it and a dance arises in you. Your whole body wants to dance. You are in the grip of the music; it has touched and moved your heart. You are connected, bridged.

A Master is a musician. He sings a song. He lives a song. He vibrates, pulsates a certain melody. And those who are intimate with him, those who allow themselves to be close to him, those who can be in a kind of let-go with him, those who relax with him... this is what satsang is: relaxing with a Master, dropping your tensions. There is a pool of energy; if you drop your tensions, suddenly you will become aware of your own pool too.